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Signature Workshops

Would you like us to deliver a CCM workshop for your community?


We have a range of signature workshops covering multiple topics or can create a bespoke workshop to fit in with your intentions and goals.

We provide workshops online and offline for women who fit our ethos and brand.

Please contact us to express your needs so we can design a bespoke programme for you or choose from one of our signature workshops.

We provide a range of different services including:

  • Face to Face Workshops

  • Online Workshops

  • Half Day Events

  • Full Day Events

  • Bespoke Development Programmes

We provide services to support you in the following areas:

  • Confidence and Self Esteem

  • Connecting to your Authentic self

  • Overcoming Fear and Breaking Through Limitations

  • Goal Setting and Motivation

  • Managing Your Emotions

  • Cultivating fulfilling Relationships

  • Self Talk and Mindset

  • Personal Branding

Stacey Carey (Illustrator and Brand Designer)

I attended one of CCM’s in-person events last year, and I have to say I had such a transformative day! CCM were fantastic hosts, their enthusiasm and energy really uplifted the group and made me feel like I had the power within myself to make real changes in my mindset and habits. They helped me to see my negative self talk and patterns for what they were and helped arm me with the tools to change that way of thinking. I would 100% recommend these ladies and events to my friends! 

Kelsey Williams (Hairdresser)

It was the best online workshop I've ever attended. It was entertaining, I learnt so much and I feel so empowered and confident already. I can't wait to implement everything. Honestly thank you!

Heledd Watts (Wealth and Energetics Coach)

CCM was honestly the most amazing event I’ve been to. These girls are incredible. They really take you on a journey and allow you to open up and breakthrough to another version of yourself. My favourite part was the board breaking…I felt so powerful. Can’t wait for the next event!
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