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Transform Your F**king Life

Goal Setting Workshop

Transform your f**cking life.

Are you fed up of making the same New Year’s resolutions only to give them up by February? 

Have all the best intentions on January 1st but the motivation runs out after a few weeks ?

Are sick of yourself saying I’ll start Monday and never committing to it? 

Then this workshop is for you.

Sign up NOW - limited to 30 spaces!

No matter what the goal:
- Exercise more
-Lose weight

-Fitness goals
-Making more money
-Spend less money
-Learn a new skill or hobby 
-Changing jobs
-Sticking to your morning routine
-Spending more time with family or friends… 

Become a person who does what they say they’ll do this year by joining…

CCM’s Goal Setting Workshop  

Stop breaking promises to yourself.
Stop breaking promises to others.

Start building that self confidence and belief in yourself that this year is actually going to be your year. 

Sign up NOW - limited to 30 spaces!

Transform your f**king life and step into your personal power. 

Bullet proof your goals…
Build that motivation muscle…
Make it a non negotiable…

This is not all hype.

I will literally teach you:
•    How to reignite motivation when it starts to fade.
•    How to create a bullet proof action plan for your goals.
•    How to keep yourself on track no matter what life throws at you.
•    How to step into your personal power.
•    How to make 2023 your year once and for all

Are you ready?

Sign up NOW - limited to 30 spaces!

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