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My name is Kelly Tamplin

I'm am ridiculously passionate about the empowerment and personal development of girls and women.

After experiencing a turbulent upbringing, I suffered with my mental health, low self worth/confidence and being stuck in toxic patterns. I pushed through the darkness and transformed my life around. 

Now I help other women do the same.

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A Bit About Kelly

I am an internationally accredited coach and speaker and have worked with individuals, schools and charities all around the world being awarded 100 top businesswomen in Wales and shortlisted for the RMT Impact awards.

Through Complete Confidence Makeover and my coaching, workshops, and events. I brings women together to educate, inspire and celebrate themselves. I am so passionate about the personal growth of other women.


I founded Complete Confidence Makeover in 2015 after working in a school in China. One of the young girls came to me one day upset and asked me "Laoshi (teacher), teach me how to be beautiful, no one likes me here". I'd once felt like that little girl and to some extent still did. After years of struggling with my own mental health and self esteem I entered the personal development world and tried everything I could to help me feel better. After that young girl entered my classroom that day,  I dedicated my 1 hour of free lessons a week to teaching the young kids about personal development and confidence. At the end of the 6 months together she swung open my door and shouted "Laoshi, I'm confident" as she strutted in to the middle of the classroom. I didn't know back then what Complete Confidence Makeover was or what it would become, but what I did know is that I wanted every girl and woman to feel the same sense of empowerment and confidence.  I moved back to London shortly after that, got myself a public speaking coach and did everything I could to build this seed of an idea and help other women feel empowered, confident and unstoppable.

You will find me either on some spontaneous adventure, swimming in the cold sea or with my partner Peri and his English Bulldog Boaz going for long walks in nature and drinking loads of Coffee (decaf of course!)

Charity Work...

Inspiring Leadership Foundation

Kelly is also the Co-Creator and Head Trainer of an Academy for a Global Leadership Charity 'Inspiring Leadership Foundation'. The charity specialises in supporting vulnerable women and girls develop their skills and confidence so that they can become financially independent. Kelly is able to use her skills and experience to train other to confidently deliver and facilitate the academy workshops all over the world.


We'd love to discuss how to make this happen. 

Please reach out via the Contact form and one of CCM's Team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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