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Kelly Tamplin

Internationally Accredited Transformation Coach And Speaker


- Currently studying with the International Coaching Federation for Professional Coaching Certificate (PCC).

- Accredited with 'The Coaching Masters'. 

- Neuro- Linguistic Programming Certificate with 'The Coaching Masters'. 

- Robbins and Madanes Core 100 Training.

- Getting unstuck and creating inspiring goals to move you forward

- Overcoming fear and barriers that are getting in your way of success

- Self exploration to move towards self love 

- Creating Confidence and becoming your most authentic self 

- Transforming your mindset and uncovering what's holding you back

What I can help you with 

Book in your call today....

As a trained and accredited coach Kelly can help you transform your life through the power of coaching.

Take responsibility for your life and step into your personal power. This coaching is for women who are serious about stepping into their next level.

Book in your complimentary call and transform your life today.

Laura Elsbury

I have been lucky enough to have 2 sessions with Kelly, both of which have already helped me more than I can imagine. Kelly has an amazing ability to adapt her coaching style to suit your needs at the time, she got that I need small steps as would just walk away from big challenges; and gave me some great tools to support those.

Her non-judgmental, friendly upbeat approach really helps build a trusting relationship up very quickly with her, and her great sense of humour also helps. I left both sessions feeling empowered, with a lot of the fuzziness in my mind/head feeling lighter.

I would recommend Kelly to anyone and everyone, I cannot wait to continue working with her.

Izzy Davies

I particularly found the session helpful because Kelly enabled me to make decisions and gave me the silence and space to really deep dive into the thoughts, but I wasn’t alone throughout the session and she prompted and supported me at times when I needed it.

The perspective shift is REAL – like I honestly can’t believe it. I know its going to take time to heal, but for the first time I had a niggling thought in my head, repeated the affirmations I’d chosen once or twice, and the thought went away. And I think that’s because Kelly has helped me to truly believe in the affirmations that I make. I can’t believe that 90 minutes of my time could really have changed my life for the better. 

Antje Strietholt

Kelly - Honestly, I can't thank you enough, I don't even know where to start. Before our coaching session I thought I had 'me' figured out and I knew what the 'issue' was. Just you listening to me and guiding me with the way you asked me questions has lead me to this absolute breakthrough. Just acknowledging that grief was at the forefront of everything I do has lifted a weight off my shoulders that I didn't even know was there. Sounds silly but honestly that's massive, massive shift in my mindset and I can't honestly thank you enough,
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